Pee Wee Herman

When you think above your mind as much as I do, you really appreciate people like me. There aren’t that many around for sure. I already talked about Lada Gaga and Tiny Tim so I won’t repeat about them only to say that they are a couple of above the minders for sure. But even those two are just dropped potatoes compared to Pee Wee Herman who is in my book of it the most megaphyscial above the mind guy ever.

If you don’t know about him he used to have a TV show for kids called Pee Wee’s Playground which was only barely for kids due to the fact that it was so deep that kids probably only saw Pee Wee as a funny guy which he was totally for sure too. But mixed in with all that kids stuff was megaphysicality like you wouldn’t believe. Here is the start song of Pee Wee’s TV show which shows just how above his mind he could get from the gitmo.

If you are a normal person you would most likely only see a kids show, but since I think above my mind as a professional I can see all that deep stuff Pee Wee crammed into his show easy. He had talking chairs and windows and all kinds of friends who were touched with megaphysicality. Normal people can’t get that high in their minds so they either just go on being normal or they take drugs like LDS. But I do not support LDS one bit even. People who take that say they see all kinds of colors and weird stuff (a fake Pee Wee’s Playground) and some even say they talked with God and so they started a church so they could have a building to do it in. Well, first off of all, colors and weird stuff are so not what being above your mind is like even if you’ve never been there like I have lots of times. And second off is the idea (not even close to a concept) that LDS is a way to talk to God. This is what you call a intentional phallus due to the fact that God most likely doesn’t need drugs to talk to himself so why would he make that a rule for humans? There’s a pretty good chance that people on LDS are not talking to God anyway but maybe his secretary at the most which isn’t even close to the same.

Anyway, like I was saying before I interrupted myself with drugs, Pee Wee spends most of his time above his mind. Like me, this is where he keeps most of his concepts and maybe even a few ideas that aren’t ripe yet. But what makes Pee Wee really great is that he turns those megaphysical concepts into sayings that people can get even if they don’t know what they mean. Take for example as an instance the saying, “I know you are but what am I.” This is a deep saying about what philosophy calls gynecology which is the study of bees. He is showing that he knows what you are but can’t quite figure out who he is which is a total give away of his smartness if you ask me about it. Then there’s his saying “I don’t make monkeys I just train them” which is showing that people who think above their mind are not a part of evolution but help with it. That’s about as high above your mind as you can get and not lose gravity (like maybe Andy Coughman did which is why I can’t put him in the same above the mind groups as Pee Wee and Lady Gaga who are still connected to their minds even if they don’t use them much due to being above it most of the time). Anyway, there are lots of other sayings of Pee Wee’s that I could talk about that show his megaphysicality but you can go on U-Tube and see for yourself so I won’t redundisize about it.

But here’s one last saying of Pee Wee’s which shows beyond a shallow of a doubt that he is maybe as good as me on being the best above the minder ever: “The mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back! It’s like you’re unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting. . . .” That’s one big concept let me tell you about it. No wonder he can’t fit into his suit.



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