Stressed out

I am stressed out. I know megaphysical people aren’t supposed to get stressed out but I can’t think above my mind all the time due to the fact that I am part human too. So I am blaming the stressed out part on the human part.

The reason I am stressed out is because I have too much stuff to do that isn’t thinking above my mind. When you think above your mind you have all the time in the world due to the fact that time is a relative of somebody else not you. But when you come down from above your mind you run smack dab into all the stuff that’s not above your mind and you have to deal with it or else.

Some people say that this is just a fact of life and a person has to deal with it like I said. Well, la dee da to that I say. When you are megaphysical you know that facts of life are not as facted as the normal person thinks they are. As a manner of fact, when you are above your mind you know for sure that facts are only a part of reality but not where you are at that moment which is above your mind. It’s only due to the fact that somebody made up the rule that life has facts in the first place that started the whole stress thing. And I’m not afraid to tell you that I don’t like that one bit at all even.

I am telling you this so you know just how great a blog this is since it stays above my mind most of the time except for a couple times when I thought it was good to visit reality. But now you know that I am stressed and am having a problem trying to get up above my mind which takes a lot of energy which reality is now sucking up due to those facts I was telling you about.

Anyway, I hope I can get done with reality soon due to the fact that I don’t think I’m cut out for it.


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  1. We join you in hating reality. It bites!

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