Above my mind in India

I have been in India since I got here, which you would know if you have been paying attention. Most of the time I have been very busy not getting killed in traffic or wondering about the crows which I already talked about except that now I’m wondering if these Indian crows are like the squirrels back home who really freak me out when they get together mostly due to the fact that I accidentally got on their bad side once. But I want to regurgitate that it was by total accident about that dead squirrel which I dumped in my neighbor’s yard and I hope that I have cleared that up with the squirrel nation. Which made me conspicuous about the crows over here that there are a gazillion of. I don’t speak Indian so I could be wrong but these crows look like they are thinking about something and that makes me nervous. Sometimes in the morning before it gets hotter than the hot is at night (which is really hot but not as hot as the hottest it gets in the day) I go up to the roof of the place where I am staying. I already talked about this when I talked about the Indian crows before but this is not a repeat of that so I am not violating my sanctity on it. Anyway, when I go up on the roof a bunch of crows land around on the other buildings where they can look at me and caw at each other sort of. So when I am up there venerable to them I start feeling like they are thinking something about me that isn’t very comforting. Maybe I’m just being paranoid due to the fact of the squirrel situation before, but I learned enough about squirrels to last a lifetime and that’s why I’m wondering if there is a connection between American squirrels and Indian crows in the nervousness department. Well, I just wanted to mention that so you know that I’m keeping my eye open on the situation since Indian crows may not have the same rules as American squirrels. I sure don’t want to get another animal nation mad at me that’s for sure.

But I did have a chance to get above my mind over here which I told you I was going to try so that I could see if thinking above my mind in India is different from in America where I do most of my above the mind things. I have to admit that I wasn’t up there for very long due to the fact that the power went out again and so my air conditioner stopped working and that made the temperature in my room go up really fast which put the cramps on any above the mind thinking. You might think that this would not affect going above my mind since India is famous for mysterical guys called Yogi who are famous for going to Havanna or wherever they’re supposed to go when they’re all crossed up on themselves. But I am not afraid to say that I am from America home of the free and land of the brave where we need some serious cooling to get mental altitude. Besides, not being hot when you get up above your mind keeps you from getting all confused up there like I think a lot of those India guys do which you can tell from their writings which are a bunch of words about weirdness in my opinion of it. Air conditioning makes sure that I can keep things in order when I’m up there which you should appreciate for sure if you have been reading this great blog.

Anyway, I was sitting in front of the air conditioner in my room and decided to give thinking above my mind a shot. So I did and I was surprised how easy it was. As a manner of facts, it was almost like doing it in America except for the fact that I was in India (which you should know). What I found out was that I had brought my mind with me to India kind of like a suitcase except for thoughts so what I was doing was upping into that suitcase sort of where I had packed some of the same stuff that I had back in America. So the first thing was that the mind I was going to think above was pretty much the same one I use in America when I’m there. This was kind of reassuring but I have to admit that it was kind of disappointing too since I was hoping for a different view but I was at least happy that I didn’t lose my mental luggage on the way over here so to speak. Well, once I got used to having my same mind over here I figured I might as well go above it like I usually do so I upped myself like normal which normally I am happy to do for the sake of humanity. But the case of points was that I was kind of hoping to see that being above my mind was different in India since I have heard so much about how India is megaphysical and everything. I am sorry to say that that’s exactly when the power went out in my room and there I was smack in my own mind like nobody’s business.

So I may give it another shot but with the power situation over here I can’t guarantee that there’s enough coolant to make the jump. Maybe I will wait until evening and try it up on the roof as long as those crows leave me alone. There’s no way I would dare to go above my mind with them staring at me.


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