Clock thing

In case you’re not paying attention, today is when you have to turn all your clocks backward at least one hour. Or maybe it’s forward. I’m more on the megaphysical side of things which means which way is just a detail. (You’ll can check on Wikipedia for yourself or just show up to work tomorrow and find out if you were right or wrong.) Anyway, this whole clock switching thing is due to the fact that the solar system doesn’t quite run on time.  Now this should be a big religious issue for people who believe that God made everything, but as is usual for theologicans, they just adjust stuff to keep God from looking like an amateur. But as you know, I don’t like to be interrupted by religion so I’m not going to get side capped on this one. But even people who don’t believe in religion have to change their clocks too which just goes to show that three’s a crowd, as they say.

Now, I am mostly what you call a laid back kind of guy due to the fact that being megaphysical makes me not get all worked up about things in reality except for barking you-know-whats which I don’t want to be interrupted with again and won’t even dignificate by mentioning. And I’m not all that excited about old toilets either which you should know about if you have been following this great blog. Oh, and then there’s the whole squirrel incident I talked about a long time ago that I’m still kind of nervous about since squirrels are kind of scary especially when they suspect that you don’t respect them which I totally do and I hope they believe me. But except for the fact of these things and some others that I’m not so laid back about I’m mostly laid back which I said before but want to execrate for a point.

I am totally into having my clocks and watches exactly on the right time. I am not like some people who don’t care if their watch is a few minutes slow or fast since they think it really doesn’t matter which it totally does if you know anything about it. And what’s with some people who set their watches and clocks ten minutes ahead on purpose so that they aren’t late for things which I cannot understand even on bit due to the fact that a person who sets their clock ten minutes ahead knows that their clock is ten minutes ahead of the real time which they have to know about to set their clock ten minutes ahead of it in the first place. Anybody who can live ten minutes off like that is a bit recalcitrated in my opinion of it.

Anyway, I want my clocks and watches exactly on the time of the world to the second so that when my watch or clock hits exactly a time then I know that it’s exactly that time in the whole world except for a different hour which you have to have since the sun is round and isn’t always on the same side of the earth. But the minutes are the exact same except for some place in India which is 30 minutes off of reality which is not a bit surprising if you have ever been there which I totally have. But for sure everywhere in the world has the seconds the same as everybody else.

This is why I have two astronic clocks in the house which I bought from Costco so I know what the exact time is all the time when I look at them. And about every three days I set my watch to my computer time which is the same as the astromic clock almost exactly except for maybe half a click or smaller which is almost not a difference except in the theory of it. Then I make sure that my minute and second hand are exactly on the marks of the computer time which is hooked directly to the headquarters of time someplace in America. Just for the record I am not all that into setting my clock by time outside of this great country even though I have to when I take trips like to India but when I get back you can for sure know that the first thing I do is set my watch right back to American time to the second, bub.

So even though I am way megaphysical, I want my reality to be exactly in time with the time down to the second. In my book there’s no excuse for sloppy time reality.

.   .   .


2 Responses

  1. Does anybody really know what time it is?

    • Dude… stole my thunder…lol.

      Can we synchronize our astromic clocks?

      I will return from Costco at 2:00PM EST.

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