Another Gay Guy

I just read that another guy is deciding to be gay. He’s that guy Alice Cooper from Fox News which makes it even more news than if he was just some homosectional from Hollywood. Mr. Cooper said he decided to empty his closet, which I don’t have a problem with except when they throw their stuff all over the place and don’t pick up after themselves. So now we’ve got ourselves another gay guy who wants to wear his sex out in public.

I personally am not into unnatural things like those people in the TGIF community. I had figured that most of them joined up due to the fact that they probably couldn’t get a date with a person of the opposition. But I can’t say that Alice Cooper here is exactly a dogface, and since he is a star of the news and probably makes a lot of money, you would think he could find a least one female girl who would give him a shot. But maybe he’s just too shy or maybe he got stood up at the prom and never got over it. You never know about these things. I once heard of a guy who turned gay due to the fact of not liking gym class in the 7th grade. So anything can happen I guess.

All I know is there is a definite trend of normal people turning into gay people. It seems like more and more people want to be gay so they can jump on the bandwagon. That happened back in the disco era with the Village People too which I already wrote about and won’t mention it again for the sake of repetition except to say that the Village People probably helped lots of guys become firemen and policemen. I don’t know what Alice will make guys want to be except maybe a good dresser.

Anyway, I did some calculations and figure that, at the rate it’s going, in about ten years 98% of us will be gay too. So if you’re still what they call straight you better cash in while you still can.


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