Christmas on the Cheap


I am not a person who makes big deals out of stuff. Mostly I am very leveled about things. If something goes crazy I figure it’s somebody else’s fault which it usually is. I am not a starter of problems. That is why I am probably better to think about issues than most other people who are in the middle of making problems happen. If you have been paying attention to this blog you will know that I am really good at thinking about issues, even Christmas. That is why this is such a great blog.

Because of the fact that I am leveled, I can smooth though Christmas without having freak attacks. I don’t worry about getting presents for people because I just go to the dollar store and pick out junk that I won’t feel bad if they throw it away when I’m not looking. At the dollar store I can buy gifts for everybody on my list for under 3 bucks. And if the prices are too much at that store I just go to the Good Will store and look through the pile on a junk table. One time I covered my whole list for 87 cents. That is about as level as you can get.

Just because I don’t spend huge money on stuff for other people does not mean they don’t appreciate it. One time I gave a used oven mitt that I found at Good Will for a dime to this lady I didn’t even like that much (she was only temperaneous on my list that year anyway). A week later I got a thank you note from her in the mail that she wrote which said “Your thoughtlessness was surprising.” Her spelling was crooked, but I could feel the good feelings in it anyway. I learned that it’s the thought that counts not the gift. Once I learned that I could be level for sure because I have lots of thoughts I don’t have to spend money for.

This year I am going to skip the dollar store and go right to Good Will. They are great stores for leveling except for the smell of it. Every Good Will store has the same smell like a dirty clothes basket except with other people’s clothes in it not your own smell. It hits you when you come in and you have to get over it if you are going to shop smartly. I set myself a time limit of being in Good Will to 7 minutes which is about 15 breaths of Good Will air if you hold it in between. This is why the junk table is good to look at because you can go through it fast and not have to walk all over and waste breathing. I got the oven mit that way and it sure turned out great.

Wrapping presents is another thing I am good at. And I will most likely talk about my technicality of wrapping another time if I think about it. If I forget, I will probably blog about something else other than that.

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