Putting up Christmas Lights

It takes almost all day to put up Christmas lights on my house. This is not a religion thing for me no way. I have a religion that doesn’t need lights on my house. I already told you about Christmas shopping so I won’t repeat myself again on this issue. But I do the lights because certain people in my house who I won’t say their names think that a house should have lights on it for Christmas. There are some things I can’t do anything about and this is one of them. One other thing is asteroids.

So I dig out our box of totally tangled up lights and take like an hour or more just untangling them up. Then I have to plug them in to see which lights were burned out. I learned this from the year before when I put up a whole bunch of lights on my house and then they didn’t light up. I used some very religious words about that I’m not afraid to tell you. So this year I learned my lesson and checked first. So then I spent the next hour plus pulling out dead lights and putting in new ones. But I was smart about it. I had this brand new string that all the lights worked on. So I used the lights from that new set to replace the burned out ones of my older one. That way I knew for sure that the new lights would work. This takes thinking that some people don’t do when putting up lights because they aren’t smart like I am.

So I take my ladder and climb up to the roof and start hanging lights. That takes about three hours because I have to hang them one up at a time or so. Then I have a bunch of extra light strings and just stick them up all over no matter what. I do not know what they will look like until it is dark and I switch them on. I am sure I will be happy about it, but some others in my house aren’t all that happy with my modern way of doing lights. It looks like that famous artist Picante came over to my house to do my light design. If anybody asks what the deal with my Christmas lights are I tell them that somebody who is modern thinking did them. This is true without lying. They feel like they want somebody modern to do their lights too. That’s just the way it works. I am for sure a trend sitter. After this I have to get a Christmas tree which is a whole other issue waiting to be one. That means another set of lights to string around the tree so armaments can be put on it.

So this is my blog about putting up Christmas lights. I have to admit that this is not much of a megaphysical issue or I would write about that. It is just about putting up Christmas lights pretty much.



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