Wrapping presents

If you have been following this blog, you will know that I am an expert in lots of things, not just megaphysical issues. That is why this is such a great blog because of that fact that I am an expert about all kinds of things.

First of all, you can’t just move Christmas around anywhere you want. This makes Christmas different from President’s Day which they fixated to a Monday so those mailmen could slack off. Christmas is a constitutional holiday and can’t be changed just by some store wanting to have a sale either, like in July, which I saw a sign for this summer. But that was totally bogus. Everybody knows that the real Christmas officially runs from October until December.

Last time I told you about buying presents. So now I will tell you about how to wrap a present the right way to do it because nobody likes a junky wrapped present to sit under the tree. It makes the present look cheap even. But when you wrap it like I will show you, even a present from Good Will looks like it cost up to five or more bucks. That is something to think about I’m telling you.

So here is my way of wrapping a gift, with a picture to help you know the parts of it. I will try to make it simple so you can follow it, not mix you up with more complicated stuff that I can do but probably not you.

So first you have to get a gift. Without one the wrapping thing is a waste of time unless you are just into wrapping for its own sake which I am not. Wrapping is important but it is not a megaphysical issue to think about on your spare time. Wrapping is what you do after you have something to wrap. This is the important first thing to get down in your mind.

Then you have to get a box if you want a nice wrapping look. Some people just roll up the present in paper without a box which is lame for sure. It is soft and floppy or all pointy which breaks through the paper. Both ways are lame so don’t even talk to me about it. But if you already have a box the present came in or if you get one then you are on the way for the next step.

You will next need Christmas paper since this is Christmas, and scissors and tape too while you’re at it. Oh, and don’t forget the bow and label to write the person’s name and yours on it. If you go to all the trouble of wrapping you want to have them know who did all the trouble. If you want to give a present anominally then why bother to wrap it? Just throw it at the door and run.

wrap.jpgSo now cut at least ten times more paper than you need. This will make sure you always have enough to cover the box because most people don’t. Now look at the picture. Starting with #2 move up through the steps until you get to #22A which is the tying of the bow. Don’t worry about the missing steps in between because I said I was going to leave out the hard parts that I do because I’m an expert. Tape it all up and there you go.

If you follow my expert way, you will have a nice present on your hands to give away if you have to. This is the Christmas spirit of things in a nutshell only just broken down in steps that you can do. So now you can practice since the constitutional Christmas is going full guns.



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